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What’s a DOMAIN?

atsite what is a domain

A domain is basically your website’s address.

Computers actually work with IP addresses which are strings of numbers and full stops for example A domain name is an alias for the string of numbers. It is also the section that will make up the section after the @ sign in your email address if you create email address on your domain. Domain names are often the name of the business and or one or 2 explanatory words for example: could also have been or

When registering your domain you will be able to choose a TLD (Top Level Domain) for example .com or or .net

.com is short for commercial .net is short for network and are non-country specific. is country specific and indicates South Africa. There are more than 1500 TLDs in use, if you’re planning to conduct business in South Africa it’s most common to go for or .com

A domain is often cheaper than a .com

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